Monday, October 26, 2009


So this week I lost exactly one pound. I was slightly disappointing because every Sunday morning before I weigh in at Weight Watchers I weigh in on the Wii Fit. The Wii Fit said that I lost 2 pounds, so I was surprised when the WW scale said just one, but hey I still think that that is pretty good since I still lost and I ate out twice that week ;D A co-worker had shown me a picture before of one pound of fat; it was disgusting and surprisingly big. So I searched for one pound of fat and I learned that in order to lose one pound in one you need to have a deficit of 3500 calories. That’s a deficit of 500 calories per day, which means I burned 500 more calories than I ate per day. That is not bad at all! I actually am amazed that I am continuing to lose weight on a consistent basis. In my search I also found some nasty pictures of one pound of fat, enjoy!

More Puppy Sweaters!

I just wanted to post these pictures because I think dogs in sweaters are just too cute! I made these both in the past weeks. The blue one is on my Fiance's Mom's Maltese, Bindy. Sadly she is a little too big for it so it looks like that might be another sweater for Puppy. The green one is on my doggy model Hugo. I like to think of that as his army fatigue sweater. It has made me ambitious to learn how to knit more advanced things because I would eventually like to make him a USA sweater and maybe even a Philipines and Kenya sweater! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rejoice in the Little Victories!

It didn't click Sunday as I weighed in, having lost 2.4 pounds! I was just so excited about losing so much I didn't put much thought into my total loss. As of yesterday I have lost 15% of my weight since I first started WW. I know it's not the usual 5% or 10% that everyone normally makes a big hoopla about, but after achieving those goals I had to set new ones. So I decided that my next goals would be 15% and 20% and I've made it to my next goal!! So my next goal is 20%, after that I think I will have to schedule a meeting with my leader to see what my next goal should be. I'm not ready to choose my lifetime goal, but for me it's all about the baby steps.

I keep telling myself that I am going to measure myself so I can see the difference in more ways besides just my weight, but something always comes up. I did measure myself about one week into the program so when I finally do get to it I'm sure I will see a big difference!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Working Out Lingo

Wow I can already feel my arms getting sore and I just finished working out. My Fiancé and I have started using these new workout DVDs that are eXtreme. They are from the P90X series. It is the step up from the original Power 90 DVDs that we started on. We did the Shoulders and Arms strength training workout. The premise is that if you stick with the workouts for 90 days you will see extreme results and boy do I believe it. My butt is sore from the Kempo Karate P90X workout that we did yesterday. There were lots of kicks! The guy in the picture to the left is Tony Horton the Power 90 leader, he is super ripped and in shape and he's 52! He's double my age and I have a hard time keeping up with him!

I can't wait to start seeing real results. I know that I'm losing because a lot of my clothes are feeling loose but I still don't see it in the mirror. I've heard that that happens with a lot of people. I'm not discouraged though because I feel like I have a ton more energy. Maybe its time for some comparison pictures? I took some a week or two after I started WW. You can see those on a previous post. 

As I browse the weight watchers website I've noticed that there are several shorthands that people are using in their blogs and in the message boards. Sometimes it takes me a second to understand, "what the heck are they talking about?" But then it comes to me. Here are just a couple of the weight watchers acronyms that I have decoded:

WW = Weight Watchers (obviously I knew that one)
OP = On Plan
WI = Weigh In
BLTs = Bites, Licks, & Tastes (which add up to points!)

Does anyone else know of any other abbreviations or acronyms that are used on e-tools or in your meetings or just in general health and exercise discussion? Post them in the comments I'd love to add more to my personal WW dictionary! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

Last night I was very proud of myself, we normally take Tuesdays off from working out, but I was feeling like I needed a little exercise. So I started doing a little walking routine that I saw in the WW magazine. Walk 3 minutes then jog 1 minute and repeat 7 times for a quick 28 minute workout. It was the day 1 week 1 workout for a 6 week jogging routine. Afterwards I sat down on the ground because I was feeling a little dizzy; I needed to stretch, and to play with Hugo my puppy. I was a little rattled and I thought maybe I hadn't had enough water that day. My Fiancé Mike looked up at me and asked, "Did you feel that? We just hand an earthquake!" I didn't believe him at first because Hugo was just rolling around on the ground like nothing was wrong and I thought that dogs had a sixth sense about nature. Maybe he's too young and he hasn't gotten that nature awareness instinct yet... It turns out Mike was right there was a 3.7 earthquake centered in a neighboring town! I knew I wasn't dehydrated! I was freaked out for nothing. I just thought that was a funny little anecdote I’d share with you all!

Don’t forget to drink your 6-8 glasses of water!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beds n Sweaters

I am still on a doggy craft rampage! I knitted a sweater for my new puppy, you can see pictures below in my previous post. I also knitted one for his cousin, my sister’s dog, Puppy (that’s his name, Puppy). I made another doggy bed for him too. That pet bed was made out of an old hoodie sweater. I love making things out of things, recycling and keeping old clothes out of landfills. After that I made another pet bed for the cats and my dog whoever gets into it first. I’ll have to make more because I’m pretty sure that my cat Roxy and Hugo, my puppy, both want to sleep in it. If I get good enough I may make more for my pet loving friends and family for Christmas presents.

On the Top Right: Roxy in my 3rd pet bed ever.
Below: Puppy in my 2nd Pet bed made from a hoodie sweater wearing a sweater I knitted.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

30 Pounds Lost! Still need to get my workout on!

I weighed in today and I have lost a total of 30 pounds! It is totally amazing. I never thought I could make it so far. I am super proud of myself so I just wanted to give myself a little pat on the back. I have to say that the weight watchers website has really helped me with my journey. From using the tracker to finding healthy recipes to the great community and message boards the e-tools are a godsend! 

This week my goal is to work out at least 6 times. Last week that was my goal as well however I didn't quite make it, but I plan to this time, starting today! It is cold out so I plan to stay indoors and workout to get my blood flowing and warm up. Once I've warmed up maybe we'll venture outdoors. Does anyone have a favorite workout tape or general workout? I'd love any and all suggestions!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rough Start

Today was a slow starting day. I feel kinda like I am moving in slow motion. I was late to work and I have a feeling kinda like I'm lost in the pit of my stomach. I just ate my normal oatmeal for breakfast and it wasn't bad. i used to eat oatmeal every day until I got sick of it so I started eating cereal and then just skipping breakfast, but now that I'm on WW I am back on the oatmeal. I hope I don't get sick of it again.

Yesterday my friend and I were talking about cheese and that is my number one craving and weakness. As I was telling her that I can't have cheese at all because I can't control myself around it I was envisioning a giant block of extra sharp cheddar. I could see myself just taking a giant bite right out of the block. It is times like that that I am glad I don't have any cheese in the house. I probably would have gone home and taken a giant bite out of the cheese if I had any. I really love cheese. I can't be trusted in a room alone with cheese!

Three Songs to “Get” Your Workout On:

  • ·         T.I. Ft Nelly – Get Loose
  • ·         Beyoncé – Get Me Bodied
  • ·         David Banner – Get Down (Like A Pimp)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

I weighed in today after two weeks. I couldn't weigh in last saturday because I went to the American Diabetes Association Step Out Against Diabetes Run/Walk. It was fun.

Waiting to get started

Step Out Against Diabetes

At the starting line

Step Out Against Diabetes

So I lost 3.4 pounds at my weigh in today! Pretty good I think. That brings it to a total of exactly 29 pounds lost. They are gone. I don't know where they went but I don't ever want to find them. This week my goal is to work harder at working out at least 5 days. I haven't been doing so good the past two weeks thats why I was a little surprised I lost. Our routine has been thrown off a little bit because we got a dog. He is so cute I hate leaving him. I can't wait until he is big enough to go on walks that will be a great workout motivator.

Three songs I currently am playing while working out:

  • Jerimih - I'm A Star
  • Mary Mary - Boom
  • Lady Gaga - Just Dance
I think every time I post I will let you all know what is in my current playlist. 


I have been on a dog sweater rampage! I made one very simple dog sweater to the newest addition to my family, Hugo. A teeny tiny chihuahua. He should still grow, but I don't think he will be very big. I also made him a doggy bed out of an old thermal sweater. It is small but it fits him perfectly. He loves it. We have a play pen and a crate for him that we have set up to protect him from the cats and help us when we can't watch him. He used to always sleep in his crate even though there were pillows and blankets in there, but now he only sleeps in the bed I made. He is so precious! Here are some pictures.

Hugo's first Vet visit

Hugo's First Veterinary Visit in his beautiful sweater!

Hugo's bed

Hugo in his homemade pet bed.

Busy Busy!

September 9, 2009

Over the past two weeks a lot has happened. Last time I wrote we were going to Lake Del Valle. It was fun we canoed for an hour and a half straight. After that we were done because it was hot and we were sore.
 We got a doggy. He is a super cute Chihuahua. He was only 8 weeks when we got him. His name is Hugo. I knitted him a sweater that I will be posting pictures up on my craft blog, Check it out!
At my most recent weight in I lost 4.8 pounds! I think I again owe this to my fiancé. Not for the normal reason of him pushing me and keeping me on track though, but because he was away on training for a whole week. Running a household by yourself, no matter how small it is, is a lot of work. Especially if you are used to having someone else help you. Plus we got a dog and that is like taking care of a newborn baby, pooping and peeing. We almost have him trained though. So that added to my duties. Playing with the puppy, doing a ton of laundry, cleaning the house, and caring for the animals by myself for that week must have gotten my metabolism going and helped me loose.
I had said I would list my top ten favorite workout songs. I will have to think about it and post the list later.
Lake Del Valley