Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hello! I just noticed that you can add ads to your blog and supposedly you can make money from it. I am all for making money. So go ahead click on an ad. We'll see how much i can start earning. Speaking of making money I am posting some pictures of some terrariums that I have made. I sold one to my boss and it is doing really well. I just hope it doesn't out grow it's tiny container too quickly. I am also planning on making some for presents. If you want one send me an email and we can work out design and prices. The one pictured is not the one I sold to my boss this is actually sitting on my desk at work. I will try to take pictures of the one I made for her and put them on my flickr account. For more pictures look on my flickr, WestCoastCrafty.

My Second Terrarium top view 2

My Second Terrarium alt view

Friday, April 3, 2009

Catnip Fish

Here are some pictures of a Stuffed Patchwork Fish I made for my cats. It is 95% recycled material.I don't really know what percentage is recycled i just guessed the percent. LOL! The outside is made of old scrub tops. The stuffing is recycled scraps of cloth and scrub tops. I also used a ton of catnip. Stuffed it as much as I could with the cat nip I had available. The only non recycled materials are the thread to sew it and the catnip.