Monday, November 11, 2013

Gobble Gobble

My older sister is a big wig at a swim school and she decided to make thanksgiving decorations for around the swimming pool with the help of my little sister. They're so crafty! Here's how they did it.

Materials needed:

Tacky glue or felt glue

A variety of colors of felt 


Big sister free hand cut all of it. Don't worry too much about perfect cutting. All turkeys are different. Start with cutting out the body, just a general turkey shape in a dark brown felt.

Next cut out the head and neck in a tan felt.

Position the neck on the body and fold back where it overlaps. Apply the glue to the neck where it overlaps. This helps you glue just the felt and not the table.

Cut out the beak and glue it on in a similar manner.

Then cut out the eyes in white felt and eye pupils out of black felt and glue on.

She then cut out a snorkel mask out of blue and the top out of green felt (it is a swim school after all). Glue the pieces on.

Cut a waddle out of red and glue it under the neck.

Cut out two crescents to form the shape of the wing.

Next cut out tail feathers in a variety of colors.

Make a line of glue along the edge of one feather and place another on top of the glue line.

Continue until you have completed the tail and glue on the back of the body. 

Then cut out the legs and glue on.

And you're done!

They made 5 of these and voila! Swimming turkeys!

You can decorate these turkeys in any manner you like. You could put a pilgrim hat on them or any theme that works for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for my wonderfully creative sisters and my whole family. What are you thankful for?