Monday, September 20, 2010

That's Why They Call Them Jugs!

This baby girl has me feeling like a soda fountain. She is constantly eating and since I'm breastfeeding exclusively I am constantly pulling my breast out in all types of settings. Yesterday I plopped my boob out in the waiting room at Stanford's Opthamology Clinic. My husband was impressed, in his words, "Gangster!" I really don't have a problem with someone seeing my boob but someone else might... Today we were at Costco and I had to change her in the bathroom. She was still wailing. I tried giving her a pacifier, but she is just not into those. So in the middle of the handicap stall, while standing, I pulled out my breast and started feeding her. I fed her for quite some time and it seemed to work for a little bit, but she was still hungry so I had to go out to the truck and leave my husband to finish the shopping.

Sometimes after she's done eating she almost looks drunk. The cute little silly smile creeps across her face and she give me that satisfied look, right before she belches and pukes on me! It's great when she burps, I was prepared for that and even some spit up, but the every once in a while full on upheaval of almost her whole meal, they don't really warn you about that in the books. Every time she does that (which is not very often so I am rarely prepared enough) I am amazed, I didn't even know she was drinking that much. Then she can got one of two ways, fussy or tired. Sometime she'll pass out right there on the tit.

Another thing they don't warn you about is the amount of laundry you'll have to be doing. Don't get me wrong the experts and websites and countless amounts of advice I have received all warned me that my little one would produce mounds of laundry, but they didn't tell me that a lot of it would be my clothes too that she spit up on or barfed on or projectile pooped on (that's a whole other story). We have done more laundry in the 6 weeks she's been born than the whole time I was pregnant.

I digress; I was talking about breasts and milk. They say that your boobs are gonna grow. Man they were not kidding I don't fit into any of my bras. I bought nursing bras pre-birth. Bad idea! They may have fit before, but once those suckers (haha pun intended) fill up with milk, it's like we magically were transported to an adult film set and we're doing a cover shot for the Jugs magazine. I never got it before. Why was Jugs a term of endearment for my breast? They aren't shaped like the jugs I've seen although I have learned that there are some jugs out there that are quite similar to the roundness of breasts. They reason is because they fill up with milk and they are heavy just like a milk jug when it's full.

Leave comments below on breastfeeding, boobs, parenthood, anything. Let me know what you want to read about. There is sooo much going on in brand spanking new parenthood, tell me about your experiences!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Smile You're Amazing

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my new blog! I am a brand new mom. I had a beautiful baby girl almost 6 weeks ago. Everyday I am amazed by how much she is changing and growing. I'm gonna be writing about all of the little amazing things I learn and notice about my wonderful baby girl. She has been smiling for a few weeks now, the parenting magazines and emails say that before 5 weeks it was just gas, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't just gas. She would smile when I talked to her and kiss her cheeks. Which sounds like social smiling, something that the experts say doesn't occur until 5-6 weeks. Above is a picture I took after kissing her cheeks when she was 3 weeks old. My baby girl is gifted and talented! I'm not sure when babies are supposed to be able to roll, but Mikayla has been rolling from her back to her side for about 3 weeks. I caught a video of her rolling last week. Maybe she is so advanced in her development because she was one week and 2 days past her due date. I don't pretend to be an expert so please don't take anything I write as fact. I'm just sharing my observations.