Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back on track

Ok folks if it isn't obvious I stopped blogging about my weight loss. That's because I had to stop losing weight because I'm pregnant. As my pregnancy comes close to an end I an trying to get back on track and eating like I am supposed to I know I still won't be able to join Weight watchers again until my baby girl is out, but I am mentally preparing myself.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Some may know that I am pregnant. All of the excitement and busy-ness has put my blogging on hiatus. Fortunately it only put a tiny damper on my crafting and has inspired my to try new things with my knitting. For example, I knit 2 pairs of baby booties, a burp cloth, and a bib. The burp cloth is basically a long dish cloth and it has some how since mysteriously disappeared along with my memory and half my brain. They say that with a child also comes loss of your memory and brain function. :) Here is apicture of one of the pairs of baby booties. I will be working on more projects soon! Stay tuned...