Friday, November 2, 2012


It feels really good to say that 10% of my body weight is gone! And it's never coming back! I mean never! You might say, but wait what if you get pregnant again? Well I know that it is possible to get pregnant and gain only what the baby weighs. I've heard its been done before and as determined as I am to lose this weight I am determined to keep it off! I won't be having another baby for at least another year or more so I know I will lose a lot more weight and maybe even be at my goal weight before I go for another.
I was at the mall last week and decided to get my wedding and engagement rings resized since they are getting loose. I fully intend on losing a lot more and that will be one more motivation to not gain the weight back.
The key chain is a 10 to celebrate my 10% and the clapping hands with a 16 is my stay and succeed award for sticking with WW for 16 weeks
10%! It sounds so crazy it's like I just cut one tenth of myself off. This is 10% since I started back at weight watchers. If we go back to when I first started WW in 2009 I've lost a little over 20%! Then if you count all the way back to my heaviest I've lost 22.5% :-) If you are good at math and go back and read some of my older posts you can figure out what my past and current weights are.
I can't give all the credit to Weight Watchers, last time around, before babies I was using the original power 90. This time I've been working out with Shawn T and doing Insanity and Hip Hop Abs. I'm feeling good about my health and where I'm heading! Another super accomplishment is that I am now at my lightest since college! Woop Woop! Just wanted to give myself a little pat on the back there.