Wednesday, October 16, 2013

No Carve Pumpkin

Hello there! Guest blogger here! My name is Chantelle. I am Antoinette's little sister. We are in the process of creating a sister blog but in the mean time I had something that I wanted to share right away since it is the season for carving pumpkins! 

This post is a work in process, but we wanted to give you all a sneak peek so you can get your pumpkin decorating on! This is a pumpkin decorated with gold thumb tacks.

Here's what you need:

Thumbtacks. Purchased from the 99 cent only store.

A pumpkin. This is a fake one we got on sale last year after the holiday season. 

Printed out random font monogram

Tip: if you don't have carbon transfer paper or don't want to pay for it just shade with a pencil on the back side on the lines u are going to trace.

Tape it onto ur pumpkin and trace the letter. It doesn't have to be perfect just there as a kind of guide

Here you can see a light pencil outline.

Begin sticking in the thumbtacks.

Wasn't sure what my intention was I just got started pressing the thumbtacks into the foam and found that it looked pretty cool when they were overlapping just a bit like scales

Just kind of work ur way around filling in the letter and if u don't like the way the thumb tacks are laying on top of each other it's easy enough to move them around

Try to cover up ur old holes as much as possible, but they are really so tiny you can't even notice them. However, it may be because I'm using a black pumpkin, but still u can't even tell. If you're using a painted pumpkin then u can just touch it up with the same color paint

Finished. A really fast and easy project. The whole process took about only 30 minutes. 

Some variations could be made using different colored pumpkins. You could also try spray painting the heads of the tacks different colors. 

If you decide to do this easy project I would love to see your pumpkins. Email them to and I might feature them in this post!

Happy crafting!

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