Sunday, October 27, 2013

Monsters University Party

I am so proud of all the decoration and prep I did for my baby girl's second birthday I just had to share it with you all. It was a combination of homemade and store bought.

My sisters and my mom helped out a lot and made my vision of a Monsters University Party come true.

The tissue paper pom poms were made by my mom from left over tissue paper from birthday presents and the piñata I made. See the post about how I made the Sully inspired pinata here.

My sister and I made the Pumpkin Mike Wazowski. See the post about it here. I also painted another pumpkin pink to make the display a little girlier.

The Monsters Inc M doubled as Monsters themed and an M for My daughters name! This was so simple and my sister made it out of plain poster board. It was the perfect decor for the front door.

We had a costume party and I decided that my girls and I would be Sorority Sisters from the sorority PNK.

I sewed the skirts and boots. I couldn't find plain pink shirts on short notice so I dyed white shirts pink and my sister made stencils for the Greek letters that we painted on with fabric paint. I added pink leggings to the outfit and painted our faces with the help of my older sister and voila! Python Nu Kappa sorority sisters!

My little sister made stencils for most of the family so we could all be part of a sorority or fraternity at Monsters University. Stay tuned for a post featuring all her amazing creations!

I even started the custom Monsters University theme from the start with the invitation. I created it all by myself. If you can't tell I'm a tiny bit proud of myself.

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