Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monsters University Costumes

My little sister is incredibly talented, so are my big sister and myself, but lil sis thought up and carried out the idea to create custom stencils for our Monsters University costumes. Check out these great costumes that were put together with simple shirts and Greek letters stenciled on and some fancy headgear made with dollar store supplies.

My girls and I are sorority sisters from the sorority PNK, Python Nu Kappa.

I couldn't find plain pink shirts on short notice so I dyed some white shirts pink. My lil sis made the stencils and we painted the letters on together. It was a simple process. I wish I had done step by step pictures. I think I'll have to revisit that craft again. I sewed the skirts and leg warmers and paired it with pink leggings.

My dad was in the fraternity OK, Oozma Kappa. 

I really wanted him to grow out his mustache and be Don Carlton, but apparently mustaches don't grow in overnight!

Here are my sisters! Big sis, on the left, isn't in a sorority, but she is clearly a college student at MU! Lil sis, in the center, is in HSS, Etta Hiss Hiss. She has pink and purple streaks in her hair and pink and purple dots all over her.

My husband is definitely not the fraternity type of guy, but he does attend MU and is wearing the shirt to prove it. He is modeling another of lil sis's creations. I wish I had a better picture of him wearing it. It says MU. I think I'll just make him wear it one day and snap his picture. ;) 

The below picture could totally be in one of those "When you see it..." feeds. LOL

AJ is part of ROR fraternity, Roar Omega Roar.

And last but not least is my mom!

She was in the sorority EEK, Slumga Slugma Kappa.

Thank you so much Chantelle for all your help. Everything was amazing!

I love my family!

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